Higher National Diploma (HND)


If you wish to study your degree abroad from a recognized university and wish to save money by completing the first two years of studies locally, a Pearson BTEC HND would be convenient for you.

What are they?

Higher National Diploma or HND is a higher education qualification by Pearson Education of United Kingdom. HNDs are renowned by over 400 universities and further education colleges around the world. HNDs can be used to gain entry into universities at an advanced level; the second year of a three-year degree course (BTEC).

Why HND?

While bachelor degrees tend to focus on gaining knowledge, HNDs are designed as work-related (vocational) that give you the skills to put that knowledge to effective use in a particular job. The qualifications are already recognized by many employers/companies and can also count towards membership of professional bodies. By means, you are eligible to enter employment with HNDs qualification such as other regular diplomas.
NOTE: Whether you intend to enter into employment or move on to higher education (UK Degree), HND is the first step to achieve your ambition.


YES Academy is a Pearson BTEC Centre and it offers BTEC HND alongside the MQA Diploma. Students do not need to sit for any extra examinations as the same assignments for MQA Diploma will be submitted to BTEC for assessment.

These two-year programs deliver the practical, real-world skills the students require to excel in various sectors such as Business  Management, Graphic Design, and IT Computing by meeting the growth of job demands. 

♥ Diploma in Business Management +HND Business (Full tuition fee: RM25,500)

♥ Diploma in Graphic Design + HND Graphic Design (Full tuition fee: RM25,500)

♥ Diploma in Information Technology + HND Computing and Systems Development (Full tuition fee: RM25,500)